Kwoka turquoise gloss
  • Kwoka turquoise gloss


"Kwoka" turquoise gloss, is an industrial lamp designed by experienced creators. Unique look makes it perfect for modern office areas. 
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asset_03The turquoise, high gloss “Kwoka” lamp is a unique industrial lamp, filling every interior with a modern feel and a historical past. Originally the lamps were used to illuminate huge production plants, but today they can bring a creative touch to any location – an office, house, studio or even a restaurant. Our products stand out thanks to their uncommon looks and size. To counter the passage of time we submitted them to RAMA workshop’s through and innovative upcycling process, giving them a whole new life and making them not only ECOLOGICAL and FUNCTIONAL, but also real WORKS OF ART.


asset_06The composition of each lamp includes: collar, cylinder, box, box cover. 4 clamp mounts, 5 bolts, 4 clamps, grill mount, grill, shade, shade seal. 

The body includes: collar, cylinder

The accessories include: box, box cover, 4 clamp mounts, 5 bolts, 4 clamps, grill mount, grill, shade, shade seal. 

Our renovation process includes a thorough and complex refresh of the lamp body by sanding and an innovative combination of powder and spray coating as well as outfitting the lamp with a completely new wiring. Originally high-consumption sodium-mercury lamps and energy saving LED lighting today, they fit perfectly in today’s architectural trends. The industrial appearance of our product is both a perfect match for popular loft-type spaces as well as a great supplement to the modern design of a spacious apartment.

The process starts with taking apart all the lamp’s elements, which is concluded by making a cut-out in the collar and base of the cylinder to fit a new socket.

The next step is sanding, which is done by very fine abrasive fracturing, followed by a smoothing of the surface accomplished by puttying and polishing of the collar and cylinder.


asset_10If we are to provide the lamps with a matte finish, they are coated with a single layer of powder paint. For a glossy finish they are spray-painted with a second layer of clear varnish on the outside.

The last step is the final assembly, when the lamps are fitted with a 1m cable in the wrap of the bulb socket and an E27-type bulb in thecut-out made earlier. Then a 2mm thick, 0.5m long steel wiasset_14re is added, providing two loops held by egg shaped wire clamps – one looser to hang the lamp on a hook, and one attached to the upper part of the box. Finally, the temporary screws in the electrical box are removed and the box cover is mounted with four boilerwork screws, without using a seal.

Lamps that were the inspiration for us arose in MESKO factory near Skarżysko-Kamienna. Between 1960 and 1990, this place was specialized in arms industry. Originally lamps were used to illuminate the high hall forge, where metallurgical production had place.  Their current shape was influenced by: the specific working conditions of lamps, the impact of high temperature and gas, as well as other adverse factors.We make every effort to renovate our lamps, but it is our duty to remember their history. Minor dents, discoloration are intentional. Thanks to these treatments each lamp is unique.  We decided to save them from certain death in the junkyard and bring to life among other items used every day in our environment.

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