We looked wider. What’s missing in old, special because of the mark of time attached to them, objects to once again, start to change people’s everyday lives? We offer unique, extraordinary masterworks. The head of creation is Time. We are his conscientious disciples and profesional craftsmen. In RAMA atelier we know each other since childhood. One day we entered the area of destined to be demolished fabric. First we felt it, then we made it. Here’s how RAMA Atelier was born.

We accent esthetics, functionality and ergonomy. Our lightning solutions and furniture are good as well for office, restaurant as for home and garden. There are many places, which can become more charmful with our goods. We undertaken to renovate old industrial lamps and due to modern methods of refreshing we give multidimensionality to interiors. Inside our lamps you will find moders, highly ergonomical solutions.

Our first products – lamps Kwoka, Sroka and Beczka, are waiting to be used by you for years. You decide about varnish colour you want. You can customize every element. Our lamps offer you their whole second life. We offer passion and engagement to create beautiful furniture, which brings history inside. The reuse of these items contributes the environment and is pith and marrow of up-cycling.